Mohd Latiff

Trimiy Latiff currently leads a digital agency that aims to power organizations with digital services and solutions in design, media and web app.   With over 20 years of corporate background – in public as well as private sectors – leading works and projects in security planning and policing (aviation, maritime and community), learning and development, events management and state protocols, employment assistance, PR and marketing; Latiff brings multi-faceted perspectives to issues and challenges facing modern organizations seeking to adapt in fast moving digital age.  His exposure leading large teams and multi-million dollar projects whilst serving in Singapore public service exposed him to usage and lessons in ICT and digital policies, strategies, system thinking and practical applications. Whilst his private sector exposure adds market-oriented and digital lenses to each and every issue he confronts.  Conversations on anything digital with Latiff will never start with digital tools or IT systems. Rather, he will dive deep and back to fundamental aspects and issues confronting businesses and organizations before giving in his take on any digital recipes, remedies or otherwise.   Latiff believes that the concept of having a digital lifestyle – for organizations and individuals – is only just beginning, and that it will usher in not just a proliferation of applications for enterprises and individuals that make life and work better. Digital living will gradually raise new expectations on the manner in which digital services are being designed and delivered.  Riding on the wave of digital transformation, being agnostic – a simple powerful mindset –  can significantly help both organizations and individuals keeps an open mind on what works as well as avoid the pitfalls of staying put and herd mentality.   Through TRIMY, Latiff works with enterprises and organizations to pave their unique digital transformation journeys as well as design and develop bespoke digital solutions

Chief Executive

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